What You Should Know About Quadcopters

All quadcopters are not made the same. Some are built for gentle flying and some are tailored to ensure stability. You need a model that will give you a quick grasp over your drone, or you might even end up wrecking it. The models that are great in terms of ease of flying include Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Q500 4K and 3DR SOLO.

Always invest in quality products, particularly if you’re intending to keep up this hobby for long. This means investing in a good controller and charger, and while initially it may be costly, it will pay off in the long term. This is because these things can last for years on end, and you don’t need to upgrade them as frequently as you might want to do with other technology like smart phones, as they are long abiding.

You should know some terms which will come handy in the future. They are therms use by some quadcopter enthusiasts. These are called RTF, BNF and ARF.

RTF or Ready to Fly means you don’t need to do tedious assembly or parts setup for your drone. Simply charge the battery and maybe install the propellers (if they aren’t already), and you’re good to go. This is great for a newbie who really doesn’t know or doesn’t have the time to get lost in all the details of assembling a quadcopter.

BNF stands for Bind and Fly. Again, as the name suggests, does not come with a controller, which you will have to bind to your quadcopter. This is no walk in the park. Ensuring that the receiver and transmitter are on the same frequency, and use the same manufacturers’ protocol, is a must to have your drone on the go. If such details intimidate you, go for an RTF drone.

ARF or Almost ready to fly range require partial assembly on your end. Whether the receiver, transmitter and battery are included in the drone kit depends on the brand you opt, so make sure to read the description thoroughly before purchasing the drone.

Your drone should be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration or the relevant governance board in your city to ensure that it complies with airspace regulations, as you will be sharing your airspace with other aircrafts also, therefore, safety is a must.

These are some essentials that need to be covered before you get your hands on your fist ever quadcopter. This is why certain models are promoted over others, as they guarantee you long lasting components, ease of use and easy assembly. Now let’s look at them individually to get a taste of what we are delving in.

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